CBpro 8.5.2 win Plugin display name in mixer


I just installed the 8.5.2 win update and found I still can’t determine what plugins are inserted in the mixer by a visual overview due to the display text not revealing the plugin name in a way that clearly identifies it. It happens with UAudio, sonnix, and other plugin manufacturers. Is there any way we can rename them from within the program that will not alter the .dll files? Like an xml file that lists them? Has a feature been added that allow the name to be displayed like in older versions of cubase? I couldn’t find anything.

Waiting for a hover window to appear all the time to identify the plugin is a very slow and distracting workflow. The only workarounds I could come up with is to zoom in till I can identify them but only 18 channels are viewable at that point. The only other workaround for me is to go back to Cubase 6.5 till some feature is restored or a feature is added for the user to nickname the plugin and the nickname would be what is viewable in the mixer window.