[CBT-1325] Bug:Track Freeze Won’t Record IAA FX

  1. Summary/Title
    Freezing an audio track that has an IAA effect doesn’t record that effect.

  2. Description
    I recorded a hardware synth to an audio track, I then added 2 AUV3 effects and 1 IAA effect, I then hit track freeze and it froze the track … but the IAA effect wasn’t captured in the freeze … only the AUV3 effects were captured.

  3. Expected Results
    I expected the same behavior as in Cubasis 2 where that same exact effect is captured in the .wav of the frozen track.

  4. Actual Results
    See video … again this is not a problem in Cubasis 2

  5. Environment
    12.9” 2nd generation iPad Pro/IOS 13.2.2


Hi cloudswimmer,

Thank you for your bug report.
From what I see, you’ve already reported this issue on the Audiobus forum, correct?