[CBT-2002] Bug: Micrologue recall messed up

Often when loading a project with a few instances of Micrologue settings get messed up, in particular the waveforms and the chorus switch.
For example I made a simple brass with 2 saws. I reloaded the project and one ore the saws changed to square and the chorus swhich had turned on when I had it off.
This happens very frequently. I have to manually each time go and put things back into place.
I think it happens when saving a patch , then reopening it…making a few changes…then closing the project…then you reopen the project and things get scrambled.

Hi Simusic,

Thank you for your message.

If possible, please provide us with a short report that includes the steps to reproduce the problem (see below for more details).
Ideally, please add a project and/or a clip too (please share the files via Dropbox link/private message).

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Very easy to reproduce.
-Open New Project
~Load Micrologue (init patch)
~ switch on the chorus
~Close Cubasis 3
~Reopen Cubasis 3 and the change you made won’t be recalled and the Chorus will be switched off.
Same for Oscillator shapes:
-Change the oscillator shape from Saw to Pulse
-Close Cubasis 3
-Reopen Cubasis 3 and the change you made won’t be recalled and the Oscillator shape will have reverted to Saw

If you change other parameters they do get recalled correctly. It is only Oscillator Shape and Chorus which don’t.

Btw please also look at my Feature request to add a Osc2 Pitch Amount Knob To the Filter Envelope section (there is empty space).
Micrologue is an amazing sounding synth, just needs a couple more features to make it a go to synth.
I’d happily buy more add ons like a Mod Matrix, a fully featured LFO…or maybe you could release retrologue2 for iOS!

Hi Simusic,

Thank you for your report and the step description.
Entered to our bugbase and shared with the team.


Also the Octave switch isn’t recalled correctly.
This requires opening more than 1 micrologue.
By the way straight off there ‘s a little bug when you open a 2nd Micrologue. When you click on initpatch you get a duplicate of whichever patch you have active on the other track, not an init. You have to click on another patch and then on init again to get an init. Obviously if you had only an init patch on the first track you will get an init patch also on the 2nd.
Anyway to reproduce the Octave switch bug

  • open new project
  • open Micrologue initpatch and make a little patch
  • open a 2nd Micrologue on another track and change the octave , lets say 1 octave up.
  • close Cubasis 3
  • reopen Cubasis 3 and the octave change you made won’t be recalled.

Hi Simusic,

Thanks for the additional comment, which has been shared with the team!


Also the Noise Switch isn’t recalled
To sum up what needs fixing:
Oscillator shapes Knob
Octaves Knob
Chorus Switch
Noise switch
And when opening a 2nd Micrologue an init should open and not a duplicate.

Hi Simusic,

Thank you for adding another comment, which also has been shared with the team.