[CBT-478] Setting Length Of Song (Stoping Playback At End)

This is probably obvious but I can’t find the answer anywhere or figure it out. How do I stop Cubasis from proceeding when playback in an active in process project reaches the end of a song? I have set the L and R markers, but when the playback head reaches the R marker, the playback head keeps going forward forever. There must be a way of stopping the playback at the end of the last measure. Is this done by setting the number of measures and if so how do I do that? If I set the Cycle button the song returns to the beginning and starts playing again. That is not what I want. I want the song to stop at the end of the last measure. I note there are many Youtube tutorials, but I have no idea which to watch for this explanation, if any. Thanks in advance.

Hi MercedesCP4,

Cubasis does not support this function.


Thank you, Lars, for your response.

I forgot to mention that this issue came up in a live performance scenario where I use three MIDI tracks in Cubasis for drums, piano and strings and concurrently send out MIDI to 3 same numbered channels in my CP4 Stage Piano to compliment/layer each Cubasis voice with a respective comparable CP4 voice. The composite sound is fantastic. But the playhead would not stop at the right marker. In any event, I think this would be an important item to add to the live performance-side capability of Cubasis. Garageband does this by setting the number of measures in a song with the playhead stopping at the end of the last measure (unless the song is “recycled” as with Cubasis).

Thanks again. MercedesCP4

Bump to that.


I had this in my list of bugs to report.

GarageBand stops playback at the end of the song. Cubasis can mixdown a song until its end so it should be possible for Cubasis to sense the end of the song and stop playback at the end of the song. There is no point in playing back empty area indefinitely.


Hi Shekar,

Thanks for your message.

Please note that we talk about a feature request here, and not a bug (which is a misfunction).
Will make sure to have it added to the list.


“it should be possible for Cubasis to sense the end of the song and stop playback at the end of the song”

I concur, or at least have the playback stop (or, if selected, cycle) when it reaches the right marker- no point playing beyond the right marker.


thanks for adding it to the list… again.
I had asked many moons ago for this.

It would benefit those who wish to use this feature in a live sequence set up.
For me, I have a stereo wav track for each of our songs, (background samples, keys, vocals) then I put them in order for a specific set list.
Then I add stop points at the end of each song, UNLESS I want them to play into each-other live.
It works awesome on Cubase 7 on my MacBook…
But it would be even more awesome if it also could work on an iPad!
Please add?

Or maybe there is another software for ipad that does what i’m looking for? I haven’t found it if there is.
A friend showed me one where you can drag & drop songs in order to create a new setlist,(pretty cool!) but it doesn’t feature both sample playback and midi, which I need.

Cheers all!

Yes please. I am a new user and am astonished that this isn’t already the case! Very annoying having to manually stop playback at the end of a project.

Bump to this. As noted, it’s particularly a problem in a live setting.
In my dream world, it would be possible for the program to auto load the next song in a set list upon reaching the appointed end (again, maybe the right marker).
Oh yeah, and an option to have the current song save at the beginning.

Hi all,

Already included on our list (here: playback stops at end of song)…