CC 121 is sold out and no delivery date for a new lot available?

HI to all, i have ordered a CC 121 recently , but dealer says it´s sold out and no new delivery date from supplier is given . Does anybody know , if there will be a new production - or is this item already end of life ?
Thanks for you idea

Steinberg is no longer offering in thier shop… So I truly think it’s discontinued. My opinion is they’ll be coming out with an updated/new unit and it’ll somehow tie into the new licensing protocol. But that’s just my opinion… I’ve seen it disappear from a few dealers websites too. I’ve seen some in stock at a few stores. But my intuition says it’s discontinued.

That was my thought too. I ordered it with THOMANN and i wonder that it is still on their homepage and that one can order it . ( The payment is done in fully too ) . I will check with them
If there is an updated version ( CC 122?) iand they can tell me the apprx delivery date i will wait for it

I just ordered one from Sweetwater. It arrives today.