cc#16 not recording

Hi peoples. I cannot get the ribbon controller on my Korg Kronos to record on Cubase. The ribbon sends out controller 16, and I’ve checked with MIDI-OX that it is being received into the system, via the Kronos’ regular USB-MIDI interface. But Cubase does not record it. No MIDI-indicator lights when I use it, recording or not, and no recording. Cubase appears to record all other controllers as far as I can tell. There is nothing set in Preferences > MIDI Filter.

In Cubase Key Editor, I can create a cc#16 lane, and draw a line, and see and hear that it is being transmitted to the Kronos. But I cannot record it from Kronos.

This has been bothering me for several years now, and has existed on my system, at least from Cubase 8.5, then 9.5, now 10.

Any ideas, oh enlightened and intelligent ones…?



By default CC16 is assigned to Track Quick Controls. Make sure your Korg Kronos is not used as MIDI Input here.

Wow, thanks so much Martin. I’ve never used Track Quick Controls. But on looking at that section, I see that by default it is activated, and simply de-activating that one switch means I can now record cc#16. So thanks for that, there’s no logical reason that I would ever have looked at that section, or touched it.

HOWEVER, the mystery continues, regarding Quick Controls, because there was nothing listed there! No cc#16, no controllers at all, or anything listed under the Quick Controls menu.

So why would Quick Controls, when activated, stop Cubase from recording cc#16, and probably other things?

And why would the default Cubase MIDI track include a setting that prevents recording certain MIDI information?

If I DO assign cc#16 and activate QC, I still can’t record cc#16! Only by de-activating QC, even though it’s listed in QC, can I record it.

I’ve only found one page in the on-line help concerning Track Quick Controls. Obviously, it doesn’t answer any of these questions. But now I’m intrigued about the reasons behind it, and keen to find out more.


What do you mean the Quick Controls are activated? Do you mean in the track or I’m the Studio Setup?

I mean in the Inspector, the “Activate Quick Controls”

I’ve been researching Track Quick Controls some more, since I had never used them. The manual section on this function, p 752, does not mention certain things, or is very sketchy about their operation, as far as I can tell so far. For example:

  • the “Activate Quick Controls” button in the Inspector appears to be global for all MIDI tracks. Turning it on or off for one does the same for all MIDI tracks, possibly others as well. I’m not sure why.

  • position of the “Activate Quick Controls” button is remembered by Cubase after it closes. So, the next time you open a New Project, the button is in the position that it was when you last closed down Cubase. I don’t know why this would be so. In other words, there seems to be the possibility that the position of the button will not be saved by the Project, in spite of what the manual says. There’s certainly the possibility of confusion about MIDI controllers assignments and recording of them, which is what I experienced.

  • this section of the manual doesn’t mention that there are default assignments (e.g. cc#16…) that are present, and must be changed in Studio Setup if you need to. Thanks again Martin for pointing me in this direction.