CC 7 in 3rd Party VST Plugins

Thanks to @mkok for the CC 7 tip on how to fade out a note. That was in my other Topic. So when I use CC 7 Main Volume in the Editor, I can fade out a note if I want. However, when I use 3rd party VST softwares in Cubase (such as FM Tines or Pure Synth Platinum), the CC 7 doesn’t work. I fade it out in the Editor, using CC 7. But the sound doesn’t fade out.

How can I get it to work?

Thank you in advance.

Each VSTi uses it’s own method. Could be cc1 Modulation, cc2, Breath, cc11, expression.

Check the plugin docs, or experiment. there is very little standardization in this regard.

Thanks for the response. I can’t find it in the docs. I’m not sure how I can experiment. I have no idea how to add this.

Learning about midi continuous controllers is pretty much indispensable for making music in daws in general. This is not specific only to Cubase.

Use that as your search term, there will be many videos and other info out there.

Some plugins might require to you ‘learn’ a CC to control something. I.E. right-click a control in the instrument’s UI and choose ‘learn’, then send the CC to the plugin you wish it to use.

If the plugin doesn’t support MIDI CC at all, but has registered a VST Parameter, then you’ll need to have Cubase do it directly.

For ‘track’ instruments, click the lower left corner of a track in the Project Editor to display ‘automation tracks’. Find the one for volume, and draw your fade(s) there. Alternatively, you could do it directly from the mixing console (R/W fader movements).

For ‘rack’ instruments, then find the actual instrument instance in the project editor (not MIDI tracks pointing to it, but the actual registration of the instrument for the mixer). Unfold the automation lane(s), find and display the one you require and automate it from that lane.

If you also want to use some kind of physical device to record movements in real time, then assign a ‘quick control’ in the Track/Instrument ‘inspector’ of Project view.

Ah automation. Of course. How did I miss that? Thank you so much. You’re a life saver.

In terms of doing a quick control, I can’t get that to work. I go to studio setup and then track quick controls. I set the QuickControl 1 to Address 7. Click okay. But then after that, I don’t know how to trigger the quick control. How do you trigger it? Do you use the volume knob on the keyboard or is it something else? When I turn the volume knob, the sound doesn’t change.

(trying from memory, not at workstation)Try going to Studio Setup/quick controls or something similar.

There you can see the CCs assigned, or change them to your liking. Note, this would be purely for remote control of automation lanes snapped to the Quick Controls and activated for remote control.

To automate volume itself, for a VST only instrument, you’d simply draw your curves in the appropriate “Volume” lane. Alternatively, you could activate Read (green button) and ‘record fader movements on the Mixer’, or use your remote controller.

Don’t forget that for these VST automation lanes to track what you’ve drawn/recorded into them, you need to arm “Read” for automation o the track(s).