CC lane problem

Some strange behavior in the cc lanes. When adding adding a controller entry, the line stops somwhere before the end of the flow. Adding a new cc entry after this point, creates a strange line.
Some other remarks:
Copy/paste cc data seems to work only in play mode, not in write?
Converting lines is only possible between points that are entered as lines (/ symbol).
The only way to scroll is with the link button?
Hoping the dynamic lane will be back soon.

I’m only new here myself, but do the notes that you’ve already inputted extend beyond bar 8?
I ask this because depending on what automation you’re using, it might only apply to the start of a note, not the full bar.

You can scroll by clicking and dragging on the background with the arrow selection tool activated.

In the forthcoming maintenance update it will be easily possible to scroll using the mouse wheel etc. as before.

error cc.dorico (2.2 MB)
It seems to be related to the zoom bar. When you zoom in the line is restored. I added a project.