CC Snap to Cursor?

I’m having some difficulties in 11, when it comes to snapping to cursor. Sorry for the lack of screenshots, I don’t have access to Cubase at the moment.

  1. Create a midi track, draw a midi part, open the lower zone editor, set up a pitchbend controller lane.
  2. Draw some notes. Make sure they do not fall exactly on the grid.
  3. Select note, press L.
  4. The cursor should be at the start of the event (note).
  5. Change Snap setting to Curosor.
  6. Try to draw a pitchbend point.

Does it snap to the cursor for you? For me it follows the grid, either under “Adapt to zoom” setting or “Grid” (not at the pc, excuse the terminology), thus NOT allowing me to put the pitchbend event smack on the cursor.

Edit: I can click to draw a point anywhere and then move it and have it snap to the cursor. But directly drawing the event on the cursor doesn’t work. Has it always been working like this? Is my mind playing tricks?


I can confirm this. The Controller lane always snaps to the Grid. It’s like this since ever.

Thank you Martin!