CC track preset


I can find any file containing any Cubase 8.5 preset. EXCEPT !! the one I really need to find : the midi CC track preset ! :confused:

WHERE IS IT ??? :open_mouth:

It is necessarily in the Steinberg appdata folder ! But WHERE ??? Impossible to find it !
I’ve been checked all this :
—> After hours by searching --> Nothing, niente, nichts, rien, nada, τίποτα, que dalle, peau d’zob, walou, لا شيء , 何も , 没什么, acemma !

So my question is simple : where can I find the midi CC track preset file/folder/placement ? ? ? ? Thank you !


What do you mean by “MIDI CC track preset”, please? Could you give me an example?

I mean the midi CC controlers in a midi track that you can edit, draw with curves or pencil, under piano roll : preset that stores wich midi CC numbers are opened, in which order and with which width displayed. You can store the midi CC display you want, it’s called midi cc track, ine the french manual.
Don’t know how to explain better… :sunglasses:


So the Controller lanes presets? I’m afraid, these are hidden in the defaults.xml or RAMPreset.xml.

If you’re right, they are indeed hidden !

Why ? Why do we have access to a lot of presets in appdata folder but not those ones ?

Mystery…! :neutral_face:

Holy crap, I had no idea this feature even existed. How did I miss this? Fantastic, and thank you.


This is ment more like the window settings, or like the Preferences. Same like the settings, what buttons are shown in the toolbar of the window, for example.

Yes it does ! And the better thing is that you can assign keyboard shortcuts to those presets ! I improves the work flow a lot ! :sunglasses:

Why do I want to access to those presets file… :arrow_right: There is no way to put up or down the presets in the list, to change its order. And the keyboard shortcuts are done like this : first->keyboard shortcuts “blabla”, 2° -> keyboard shortcuts “blabla” 3°->keyboard shortcuts “blabla”, etc… :confused:
So, if I want to assign a keyboard shortcuts to the n°25, it’s impossible, I must overwrite the first preset in the list. I can’t add a preset in the list anywhere else than at the last position ! PPRRFFff ! :open_mouth: That is absolutely not convenient ! If it was possible to change the preset order, it would be perfect, that’s why I wanted to edit the preset file in the appdata folder… But … :unamused: