CC vs Automation problem

Using CC11 for example, it takes a quarter of a second or so for the automation to go to the new value. Let’s say I have the parameter set at 100, then lower to 50, I will get the a louder sound for a split second and then the volume decrease to will it should be. I don’t have this problem when I use controllers, just automation. This is very annoying. I have to hit play, have the first note sound, stop and hit play again to get the correct value. Quickly wears downs the ear. I’m using Cubase 6.03 but this problem has existed since 4.5 I believe. Because of it, I seldom use Cubase although it is my favorite DAW.

Mac Pro
24 gig memory
Snow Leopard.

Is there a solution to this problem, I’m experiencing this exact issue, it’s very fustrating!

FWIW, I just tested this with a VSTi which delivers sustained sounds, VB3, on which I cancelled all reverb and ambience parameters and drawed a CC11 automation line. The result is joined (the ruler is labelled in seconds)…

Seems to work fine when hearing it, here. Visually, there seems indeed to be a little latency showing, but not of a quarter second, far from it, and it’s probably inherent to the way VB3 is generating audio.

Finally a response. Just today, I downloaded the trail version of Cubase 7. The problem still exists.

To which extent ? I suggest that you post a test similar to mine, so we could be able to visualize it.

As expression is (usually) controlled by a pedal, I don’t think that any human being is able to move it quickly enough to change its position as what I drawed in the automation lane, by the way…

There would be an expression automation node. If I change it let’s say from 60 to 20 and hit play, it would sound at 60 for a split second and suddenly go to 20. Playing again it will sound as intended. So if you are fine tuning an expression event, you have to play it twice each time you make a change to get the intended sound.