CC1 & CC1 not responding in Key Editor


I’m using Cubase 10.5 on Windows 10 with Kontakt.

I’m trying to get a cello patch to vary in dynamics in the key editor. I don’t have a modulation wheel at present and so was hoping to input the data manually.

I’ve tried both CC1 and CC11 , and drawn in the data I’d like to happen yet, when I play the track, the sound is unaffected by the data.

What am I doing wrong?


Double-check the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter, please. Make sure no data (but SysEx) is filtered out.


Yes, I’ve checked MIDI Filter in Preferences and everything except SysEx is unchecked.

Does your Kontakt patch actually use cc1 or cc11?

Well, it’s Session Strings 2 in Komplete and I’ve seen YouTube clips that suggests it does:

Is there a way to check if I’ve activated it?

So, I’ve just tried c11 with a different sample library and it’s working fine. The issue is with Session Strings 2 (Kontakt).

Before I got posting in the Native forums, does anyone know how I can activate c11? The above YouTube clip shows it’s possible.