Cc1 not following dynamics with BBCSO template

Hi everyone,

I am setting up BBCSO using the Core template. At first, I found it odd that I had to load all the instruments in each instance of the Spitfire player. Nevertheless, I am having a hard time figuring out why the cc1 seems not to follow dynamics markings.
I attach some screenshots, of a Vln I example (forte and piano). The related expression map is set correctly, as far as I can see.

What am I missing?

Thank you very much,

BBC Core is monophonic so you need a new instance for each instrument unless you use something like Vienna Ensemble Pro which not only makes things much easier to manage but also improves performance.

Question on your screenshots. If you use John’s Playback Template, the actual instrument name of the instrument will appear under the instrument allocation and not “BBC Symphony Orchestra” as you have it. This suggests you’re using you own custom setup? Are you quite sure you have the correct Expression Map (which is BBC SO Core strings here) loaded for violin 1 for instance? Probably the easiest is for you to post the project or a relevant section of it so we can see if something doesn’t match up.

I have not set it up in VEP but I’ll try it.

Good point. I am using John’s template, but I have had to reinstantiate all the instances because I was using the BBCSO 1.4 update that later got fixed because was causing problems in Dorico and Cubase.

I am sure I have the right Expression Map, but I will try and load John’s template from scratch again.

I’ll let you know and post the project in case. Luckily it is not an actual project yet, as I have just started using this BBCSO setup. I’ve used NotePerformer so far.

Thank you very much!

Ok, I solved it. It was something on Spitfire Audio side.
Finally, I could see the 1.5 update and repaired the plugin.

Thank you David to pointing me in the right direction!