Cc11 data disappears

when I export midi from Sibelius to Cubase, I want to retain all of the cc11 data. It retains the data when it is imported, but when I move/copy those tracks into a sample library of any sort, the cc11 data disappears, have anybody ever encountered that before?

What exactly does this mean?

I import the midi track into Cubase from Sibelius. Cubase automatically creates midi tracks when you import them and all of the velocity and cc data is brought over from Sibelius. Above those midi tracks I create an instrument(s) track and then move the midi track to the instrument track. When I do this, the velocity data stays the same but the CC11 data does not exist anymore. I can send a sample if you like.

Can you try this?

  1. Start a new, blank project in Cubase (not from a template)
  2. Import your MIDI file(s)
  3. Open a MIDI Event in the MIDI List editor
  4. Verify that all MIDI CC’s are there
  5. Create an Instrument Track
  6. Drag the MIDI Event from the auto-generated MIDI track onto the newly created Instrument Track
  7. Open the same MIDI Event, now on an Instrument Track rather than on a MIDI Track, in the MIDI List Editor

Can you see your MIDI CCs now?

Still cannot see the data
c11 data disappears.cpr (393.5 KB)
I sent the file, maybe you can see if something is wrong. I am using Cubase 12