CC11 does not effect volume

Hi everybody,

I have bought a MIDI-File that uses CC7 (Volume) for the general volume and CC11 (Expression) for fading etc.
I have imported the MIDI-File into Instrument Tracks. The tracks are mapped to the appropriate HalionOne program.
My problem is that the CC11 does not effect the volume, i.e. no fading happens. :frowning: What do I do wrong? Any help appreciated.


My guess is that HALion ONE doesn’t repond to CC11 on the patch you’ve selected. Have you any other VSTis that you know respond to CC11 that you could test against? (import the MIDI file again but with the “Import to Instrument Tracks” option turned off in preferences).

HALion ONE is a pretty basic player and has now been replaced by HALion Sonic SE in Cubase 6. Test against a decent hardware synth if you have one.

In the old days, every synth came with a “MIDI Implementation Chart” which allowed you to see what it transmitted and what it received (responded to). I’ve never seen a MIDI Implementation Chart with a soft-synth, which is a real shame and I reckon this contributes to a lot of problems out there today.

If there was a MIDI Implementation Chart for HALion ONE I bet we’d see a lot of stuff not implemented … CC11 amongst other things. Pitchbend anyone? Aftertouch?

I think your guess is right. I imported the MIDI file into MIDI tracks. If I route the track to Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth then it works. It does not work with routing neither to HALion ONE nor with HALion Player, I hear the sound but no fading.

That seems prove enough that the setting itself works and the VST instruments don’t respond to CC11.

That is some hope, but if HALion Player doesn’t do it …

I agree, it is a shame that there is no documentation of such basic properties. Why not???

Does anyone have an idea how to build a work-around? I thought of changing the CC11-Events (Expression) to CC7-Events (Volume). But there are also volume-events there, and the resulting volume of the expression is a kind of multiplication of the last volume event and the expression event (and vice versa). I do not know how to “program” this in the Logical Editor (if possible at all).

Thanks for your help,

There’s no workaround using HALion ONE in that case. Search for a free GM VSTi, perhaps a SoundFont player and a decent GM SoundFont. You might also be able to use or borrow a good-quality external GM sound module. Pretty much anything from Roland or Yamaha should do it. Can you contact the vendor of the MIDI file and ask for recommended soft synths?