CC121 and Cubase LE4

I’ve been using Cubase LE4 for a little over a year, and read about the CC121 … which looks like a great device to improve the user interface with the software.

I see that the CC121 comes bundled with Cubase AI4. Does this replace Cubase LE4 for me? Do I need to use AI4, or can I continue using LE4?

Thanks for any and all advice or guidance :slight_smile:

You will have to use AI4 to use the functionality of the CC121. As far as I am aware, LE4 and AI4 are identical featurewise, with the exception of the support for AI hardware.
Installing AI4 should be possible seperately from LE4, and I think both licenses can be used alongside eachother. If you unregister your LE4 license you should be able to use it on another computer/give it to a friend etc.

Thanks! Just what I needed to know.

Did you get your cc121 working with Cubase 4 LE? Or did u install 4 AI? If so how did you do it?