CC121 and Nuendo, Controll CUE Volume and function button HELP ME PLEASE

good evening, I’ve been trying for days to find a solution to assign the cue sends in the mixconsole to the four function keys and the knob value, I tried everything, from setting the direct settings of the CC121 but I can’t find the specific call, then I thought and if I created some quick controllers, and I assign them midi, but not even in that screen I can reach the cue sends but only the send sends, let’s say that my studio is based on monitoring through the cues directed from the cubase, and for me it would be really exceptional to be able to select from the CC121 when I am in channel 1 example voice in which of the four cues it should go, selecting the activation of the cue with one of the 4 function keys and then being able to raise the volume directly from the potentiometer … I would pay for this , also for my installation status 4 cues are very few, for me personally it would be a killer application to be able to manage 8 cues and do it from a controller like the cc121 (which and does not have 8 function buttons). thanks to who can help me, I was still thinking how does nuage control this function ?? is there some sort of midi message with a specific value that I can assign as a midi event ?? thanks to those who can help me