CC121 and Wavelab

It seems strange to me that the CC121 does not work with Wavelab. They are all from the same company and if, like me, you use Cubase and Wavelab, it can be really frustrating that the controller only works on one package. After all when I am working I am flipping between C5 and W7, and in the latter I have to resort to mouse.

Would it be possible to get CC121 working on Wavelab, at least for transport and possibly the A1 knob and some user-assignable commands?

you can use it somewhat.
in the global preferences, under options, check use midi shortcuts and select cc121 from the drop down.
from the customize commands window, select the function click edit shortcut and click the button on the cc121. I haven’t figured any way to use the fader or AI knob or jog though…


I don’t see “Use MIDI shortcuts”. Under Global Pref/Options there are 4, but no midi shortcut option. I have W7 Elements, maybe the option is only in the full version?

sorry, i didn’t see you had element version. I believe you are right and it is only in the full version…


OK. The bottom line though is that it would be good if Steinberg take notice and allow CC121 to work with Wavelab! As many have noted, it is an expensive piece of kit, and working with Wavelab would give it additional functionality for many Cubase/Wavelab users!

I have Wavelab 7 and the use midi shortcuts takes no effect at all. I have an N12 and a CC121 and I use them both with C6 and love them. But I can’t use any of them with W7 and its driving me nuts.
I looked in the help and manual and they seem to have convienently ignored use midi shortcuts. I’m begining to wonder if they knew it didn’t work.

Anyone know how to get either hardware working I’d love to know.



it was already mentioned on the WaveLab 7 forum ( that the full support for CC121 is planned for WaveLab 7.2 which should be released every moment! :wink:

Best regards


…and great to see that 7.2 has arrived. Many thanks to PG and the team.

Unfortunattely it still doesn’t work here. I work with Cubase 6 and WaveLab 7. Both the latest updates. 64-bit system, 64-bit versions of the software of both DAW’s and the 64-bit cc121 software. My BCF2000 and Frontier Tranzport just work OK with WaveLab, but WL7 just won’t respond to the cc121. In Cubase it works just fine…?

Have you set up the CC121 in Options>Remote Control Devices?

Yes I have.
The cc121 works just fine with Cubase
The BCF2000 works fine with Cubase
The Tranzport works fine with Cubase

The cc121 doesn’t work with WaveLab. No commands are received in WaveLab
The BCF2000 works fine with WaveLab
The Tranzport works fine with WaveLab

I don’t understand why WL doesn’t receive any cc121 control information when I touch the cc121 buttons…??

The Tranzport (RF receiver) is connected via a USB hub.
The BCF2000 is connected directly to a USB input port on the PC
The cc121 is connected directly to a USB input port on the PC

I use the latest software and drivers and firmware on all components.

Hello Arnomusicman,

Perhaps trashing the Wavelab preferences will help. You will find it at the same location as the Cubase preferences:

C:\Users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg



I cannot find this folder on my W7 Home 64-bit system.

It looks like my cc121 just isn’t sending any MIDI messages (connected through USB) without the Cubase Ready ‘on’.

I found something alike and I deleted the file. It helped with my other WL7 issue of not recognizing tracknames while importing CD’s. That works fine now. But the cc121 issue isn’t solved yet. It doesn’t respond at all. Not from the cc121 to WL, and not from the PC to the cc121.
Like I wrote before, it works as a charm in Cubase 6. And the Frontier Tranzport and the Behringer BCF2000 do their job just fine with boch Cubase AND WaveLab. What’s wrong with my setup/cc121?

Hi arnomusicman,

I just checked it myself and here it is running like it should even with the Cubase ready LED blinking.
Did you install the latest TOOLS for CC121 version 1.7.2 ?
Did you choose in the device editing window active and as In-Port the CC121?

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan,

Yes, all checked and correct. But still not a single sign of life of the cc121 in WL7. I sent you a PM with a screen-view. Maybe you can tell me more after that you’ve checked that picture.

Damit das CC121 von WaveLab 7.2.1 unterstützt wird, muß die aktuelle Firmware 1.5 installiert werden.

Finally solved. How stupid of me…!
I thought I had done de update together with the 1.7.2 Tools update. But of course I had not. Just now I read the proper instructions for the Firmware update. And indeed it was’nt the right one. My fault. Thanks very much for your patience. Well done! It works just fine now.
Keep up the excelent work guys.

I would love to know what the settings and connections are in order to use the CC121 in Wavelab 6. I am thinking