CC121 - availability and future

Hello - I am looking to buy a new or used in very good condition Steinberg CC121 controller. Please send the answer to priv or Greetings.

Great to hear!
A new controller would be dope to send my Avid Artist stuff into retirement. A Mini Nuage to take advantage of the channel strip and maybe some fader modules that are scalable.
I made a design, so I’m just dropping it here hoping y’all see this!


Wow man, this is great work!! It’s almost exactly how I would do it (maybe add colored tops on knobs - green, red, blue… for the various sections comp-gate-eq)!
The main difference with my vision is I would have this as a “main” unit (like the Avid Dock) to which one can add 8-fader modules (like the Avid S1) with 100 mm motorized fader, pan knob, scribble script, track color led, meter bridge and solo-mute-select-rec_enable buttons per channel.
This would mean the main unit’s form factor should be narrow and deep as opposed to wide and short, which is also good even when used standalone (desk space is usually more constrained width-wise than depth-wise.
But other than that it’s really great, saved me a lot of effort in trying to put together my own view also! :slight_smile:

Oh, just another note: I hope you agree that the meter next to the fader should actually be two meters to be able to show stereo information. Also, personally, I’d love it to be at a raised angle “meter-bridge”-style.

The Stereo Metering is a great idea!
I actually was inspired by the MC Control and its form factor. It’s mainly due to the fact, that I use my keyboard drawer for my mixing controllers. The idea of “Clip-On” Fader modules is exactly what I had in mind, I just wanted at least one “Control Room/Variable” Fader on the Main unit.
Colored tips are a nice touch too! Helps differentiating the sections. I have to think about how to implement it without making it look silly, but I love the idea.
I’m not a fan of too deep controllers actually, one of the reasons I ditched the Dock. But that’s a question of the workspace available. I like it not too deep to you can have the keyboard in front/behind without much hassle. I like the form factor of the Artist mix: Fader, Muting, Poti and Screen. All you need and very slim.

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Understood, I guess everyone’s got different needs :slight_smile: I hate under-desk drawers as I always keep my legs crossed and bump my knees on them lol, I’d rather keep the keyboard to the side in a horseshoe setup, but of course it depends on the overall space available.
Colored knob tops don’t look silly, analog consoles had them and clever channel strip design controllers have them too

Great to hear that! Please create a wireless version of the cc 121 just like Icon Nano Air but with the cool features and integration of the cc121

It’s good to eventually get a statement on this product, however the arguments provided are not really satisfying. The CC121 does not contain any “magic” parts, so whatever discontinued component it comprises, this is definitely not a problem that could not be solved by a simple redesign of the device.
I understand that Steinberg intends to come up with something new after this considerably long product cycle of the CC121, but the usual way to do that is to FIRST kick off the NEW product and THEN discontinue the predecessor.
Component manufacturers announce discontinued products ahead of time and provide last-time-buy opportunities. Hence it is obviously a matter of bad management that now the CC121 is no longer available while yet there only exists a plan for a future product that may replace it some day.

Noticing the sometimes disturbing prices that are paid for a used CC121, i assume there is a substantial market for a Cubase tailored controller, hence i don’t understand why this demand has been (or maybe still is) ignored by Steinberg that long.

Yes, the unobtainium parts thing is an interesting way to frame it.

However, here’s perhaps an optimistic spin.

Namm is only 7 weeks away.

It’s certainly conceivable that Sb/Yamaha are indeed assessing future controllers…oh and by the way…here’s a new one now for everyone on June 1.

It could happen.

Well, I wouldn’t be against a V2. I love this controller but it lacks a small screen to know, for example, which track we are on.

More flexibility such as the ability to use the fader to control cc for example.

And maybe a little quieter (after that maybe comes from my model).

That’s my general complaint with all motorized faders I’ve had and tried so far :slight_smile:

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The SSL UF8 is the quietest I’ve used. Very happy with it in this regard.

For future products, please keep in mind the design of the CC121 which I think is excellent. It’s a good size and covers much of the functionality I’d like from a controller. And please support Wavelab, Nuendo and Dorico simultaneous use. meaning for those of us that switch between these applications as we work, the controller hands off too.

Agree with Dan McL - build quality of CC121 is great. Good footprint size to work with for next model (SSL UF8 pretty cool too)
Would definitely lean towards quality piece of studio gear rather than plasticy effort (those old modular things cubase did for a while were pretty awful looking and felt like toys). Some kind of implementation similar to Softube console 1 would be good for the Cubase channel strip, but also allowing users to make their own channel strip FX chain preset from 3rd party vendors that can have the right controls mapped to each component of the strip (would need defined by user at outset for that FX chain preset, but once learned, control surface would load correct mappings for any future instances initiated).
The EQ controls were quite bunched up together on the CC121 too. There was quite a bit of blank real estate on it so could have ergonomics a bit better in a future version. Look forward to seeing what Steinberg / Yamah come up with. If its a serious bit of kit I’d be ready to invest.

PS: The feel of the knobs is really important too. Native instruments have really solid feeling rubbery knobs on their gear that feel great and that you can be confident using. Have a few pieces of gear where the knobs are very slightly wobbly and it bugs me :slight_smile: !

You know, a CC121 overlay/configuration for Cubase IC Pro would be awesome… Just saying