CC121 connection with QB6

Hello - PLEASE help…
I am running 64 bit windows 7 with 32 bit Cuebase 6.
I have a cc121 controller which I am sure has had the drivers installed O.K ( even went to get updates )

Can anybody please help with how I get Qbase to recognise it, as it doesnt come to life once I open Qbase.

Do I have to go into connections? - I have tried everything I can think of?

Can you check that the device is present in windows. You should see it under “Devices and Printers” in the control panel.
When Cubase is not loaded the blue light on the CC121 should flash. When you load Cubase the light should go steady

Do you switch on CC121 AFTER or BEFORE you have switched on your PC?

In my case (and I am still wondering why this happens) if I switch CC121 on AFTER I have booted windows the CC121 is not recognized until I boot Cubase 6 twice.