CC121 controller script


Seeing that the CC121 controller is Steinberg why is it not in the script list .
So i have been looking at videos and it seems that I have to make up a script for each plugin that i want to say move knobs and sliders as The CC121 only works on knobs and sliders on steinberg plugins when you hover a mouse over them.
It does not work like that on most 3rd party plugins.
So when you fill in all the infomation and type in cc121 , you just get a blank
where some other controllers in the list show already laid out to start with.
So this means that w have to make our own script layouts for each plugin that is not Steinberg.
Is that right?.
When i used to used the phatboy unit all i had to do was click an intelligent button when i had Mixcraft and just twiddle a knob for it to work on any plugin.

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This and this thread might be interesting for you.

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Thanks Martin.
I was a little disappointed that the CC121 controller basics were not laid out in the supplied scripts
I found that a little odd being Steinberg
I see from the diagram that it is pretty straight forward and thanks for the this and this.
Still learning . :slightly_smiling_face:

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The CC121 works on 3rd party plugins as well. Not all of them but if you hover the mouse over the fab filters EQ it works. I have a Kingston track ball mouse and the wheel round the track ball works on everything I have tried. But I also used the CC121 AI knob in a few 3rd party plugins too, it’s not just for Steinberg plugins.

Plus it has quick controls on the CC121 which you can assign to 3rd party plugins. Now the quick controls are on the top of the plugin it should make it easier.