Steinberg CC121

Attached find my first Remote API script for the CC121 for Cubase 12.

It does not touch the channel, transport, AI knob and function sections. It focuses on the EQ section only.

I have implemented 3 mapping pages, which can be switched with the All Bypass button. The function buttons 1 to 3 are illuminated accordingly to visualize which page is currently active.

These are the pages:

  1. EQ Default: this page mimics the current EQ implementation. I had to redo it because when you support a control with the Remote API you lose the CC121 core functionality. Thanks to @Starnaf I added a version with swapped Q/G knobs. Download the GFQ version.

  2. Pre Section: LowCut, HighCut, Gain, Phase. It activates the low or high cut automatically when you adjust the frequencies. No additional button clicks to activate it. The knobs/buttons of the EQ3+EQ4 are assigned as Quick Controls. The G3 and G4 support horizontal and vertical zooming. Turn right for zoom + and turn left for zoom -.

  3. Custom: Here you can add you own parameters/actions

Some comments:

The Remote API does not support the bypass of the entire EQ Section on the active channel. That’s why I used it to switch through the mappings. I didn’t use it too much myself anyhow.

The Remote API is not very well documented yet. So I didn’t figure out how to support parameter lists properly. You will notice it when you want change e.g. the EQ Type. You turn the knob a lot to change the values. I hope I can figure this out with the support soon.

I know that activating the low/high cut filters automatically might interfere with automation. If you automate the on/off of the high/low cuts, be careful to not change the frequency when it is in off state by an automation lane.

Do not override the QC bindings on the Pre Section mapping with send levels. There is a bug in the Remote API which makes funny things in that scenario…That’s why I add the QC by default. I would rather prefer the sends. I hope this will be fixed.
To support the zooming I had to sacrifice two parameters from the control room. I took the TalkBackDim and Reference Level. If you need these 2 parameters then take version 1.0 without the zooming…

I attached the source as well. So, you can adapt it yourself.
Enjoy it! (4.8 KB)
Steinberg_CC121 - V1.1 - (5.3 KB)
Versions with swapped Q/G knobs:
Steinberg_CC121 - (4.8 KB)
Steinberg_CC121 - v1.1 - GFQ - (5.3 KB)

Steinberg_CC121 - Source (8.3 KB)


This is possibly one of the most exciting reasons to upgrade to version 12…I never used the EQ section much anyway. Thanks for this, much appreciated.
Cheers, Nic!

you’re welcome. I probably will ask SB for a provision when this accelerates sales… :grinning:

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Thanks a lot! Very clever use of ALL BYPASS and FUNCTION LED:s.

Your script also tried to adress my exact main annoyance: that CC121 doesn’t handle the pre section. However, I found your Pre Section page layout confusing for my little brain. I tried editing the .js code multiple times with my trusty old Notepad++ but it bugged out on me. So I just edited the Custom page with 8 QC:s, QC Focus lock, low cut and high cut. Works great!

I would like to have 2 encoders of my CC121 controlling vertical and horizontal zoom on the arrange page. So turning left is zoom out/turning right is zoom in. Is this possible at all?

your welcome. I could provide a variant with 2 pages only. So you don’t need to step through 3 pages…

I just made a small hack. It looks good with a workaround. Let me try over the weekend…

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I read somewhere were to put it… but I can’t seem to find it now.
Do you have a short answer?
Thanks in advance

I added your wish. I hope you can accept the limitations (TalkBackDim and Reference Level). This is a great idea and I will use it a lot from now on. Thanks.
See the main post with the update.

Hi Marco, I get a ‘script archive can’t be imported’ error when I try to overwrite the previous version?

I made a mistake at the export of the scripts. I just noticed that Cubase exports everything from the script folder, incl. my temporary stuff.
I added clean exports on my main post.
Try to import the clean one. If this doesn’t work:

  • delete the CC121 script in the Midi Remote Management and the Scripts tab.
  • delete this folder in your documents folder. on my system : c:\Users\xxxxx\OneDrive\Dokumente\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote\Driver Scripts\Local\Steinberg
    You also might see an old CC121 script of mine in the MIDI Remote Management with author marco…These should all be gone with the clean imports.
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Hi Marco,

Don’t worry, I got it to work. Very nice. Thanks!



Thank you for this. Question: why did you have to sacrifice the TalkBackDim and Reference Level?

because it is fixed to -19dB and you can’t change it… (only in the JS file). A binding is required to detect a knob move. As I want to have a working zoom also when non-audio tracks are selected, I need to bind it to permanent parameters like in the Control Room. I tried others, but the MIDI Remote didn’t allow me to fix these parameters to specific values (center, 0.5).

Thank you, this is great! One thing in my case could be change - the order of controls in EQ mode - this always pissed me off in CC121 - that the default order of knobs in CC121 (from up) is Q factor - Frequency - Gain - when in EQ in Cubase the order is different (from up) is Gain - Frequency - Q Factor (see atached). Can I change the order of knobs by myself in your script - or there is no possibility to edit your script when it is loaded to Cubase?

Zrzut ekranu 2022-03-14 125826

I was able to use the Custom Page to change the order of knobs - however I dont know how to add “Next subpage” to change one rows of knobs to select “EQ type” - same at it is in standard EQ page.

I see what happens…by overwriting the defaults, the subpage assignments get lost.
Are you familiar with Notepad.exe? You can change the position of the subpage directly in the JS file.
In the MIDI Remote Management you can open the path of the script. Open the Steinberg_CC121.js in notepad.exe and change on lines 230…233 Q1…Q4 with the knobs where you want the EQ Type. e.g. with .F1. , .F2., etc.

Restart Cubase.
If you’re on Mac, I can’t help…just use a standard text editor I guess.
Good luck


Will try. Thanks! Anyway good job! :clap:

Let me know if you are able to do this as it has always bothered me as well!

I did it. I have switched all "G"s with "Q"s in the script - and now in default mode I have the order on CC121 - same at it is in EQ i Cubase so from the bottom Gain - Frequency - Q Factor. When EQ Type button is switch the upper knob change the EQ type. Hopefully I didn’t mess up other features of this script :wink: Finally I got what I needed!!! Attached please find the my corrected script file.

EDIT. I removed the attachment, because as far as the default mode is working perfect, but I screw up the second page with Low and High pass :wink: Need to fix it.