CC121 controlling a Fireface/TotalMix, Mackie Control ?

Dear everybody,

question 1: Does the CC121 support the so-called Mackie Control Protocol ?
Question 2: If yes, can anyone recommend a tool for configuring it ? I am using a Windows 7(x64) PC.
Question 3: If no, can someone recommend any tool for emulating that protocol or otherwise make it write the MIDI strings I want to ?

For digitizing reel tapes into Cubase 6.5, I am using the external A/D converter RME Fireface UCX. That one does not have dedicated knobs for the input gain of its analogue input channels. But the Fireface comes with its own setup and control software named “TotalMix”. And TotalMix is remote-controllable from hardware controllers which are capable of the Mackie Control Protocol.

Any help will be much appreciated. The free programmability of the CC121’s knobs is a very fine feature to me. It would save me a lot of fiddling if I could configure some of its EQ knobs and the main slider the way TotalMix requires it. And I did already ask the support of the manufacturer of the Fireface, with not such a satisfying reply. That’s why I place the question over here. Thanks a lot for reading and considering.

The CC121 is a proprietary Steinberg product so it will only work with Steinberg’s Software (Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab partly).

(It works with REAPER but this is highly unofficial.)