CC121 Destroyed Quick Controls

Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I am working more with my CC121 controller. While experimenting with quick controls, I was initially very pleased.

I hit EQ Type and All Bypass, and was able to control the 8 default settings, per plugin, for each instrument, allowing me to control 8 unique parameters, defined per instrument.

I had trouble switching one of the EQ knobs to “Filter Cutoff” for a french horn. I assigned QC1 as this cutoff, and then accidentally duplicated the control for knob 2. So, Eq knobs Q1, Q2, both controlled my horn cutoff.

Unfortunately, I somehow overwrote the default QC plugin for ALL instruments, and now, my 8 QC options for every single instrument are connected to this damned french horn. When starting a new project, with different instruments, they all have blank fields for QC 1 and two, which instead of stating a link to the instrument panel, are now blank “Automation 1, Automation 2”.

When I load QC defaults, they both revert to the french horn.

My question put simply - How can I revert my quick controls to the basic 8 default options, specific to each instrument?

I would then like to move on to learning how to reprogram these knobs to control filter settings, which just dont register after engaging “QC Learn Mode”.

I appreciate any help provided!