CC121 End of Life? I Guess it's Official

Taking a tip from the Ondo video a little while ago, and then checking with Steinberg tech support…

I asked if the CC121 was at “end of life.”

The answer was terse and clear: “Yes.”

Considering I just got mine about 4 months ago, there is some face-palming going on over here-- there are things I’ll keep wishing it does that likely will never happen. Mainly being able to zoom horozontically with the AI knob. But them’s the breaks.

There was no comment in regards to anything that might be coming up from the wings.

We’ll see…


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Big shame it’s a really good unit.

REALLY REALLY HOPE Steinberg is working on something, most users (including myself) experiencing hardware falirue on thos units after using it for about a decade. Hope to see Steinberg coming up with the next generation of the CC121