CC121 (eq part) vs. CMCQC (as eq controller)

Have anyone tried both the CC121 and the CMCQC?

I use the internal eq in Cubase 7 a lot(!) and it would greatly speed up my workflow if I could use a controller for this.

I am thinking of getting the CC121 but I’ve read somewhere (Sound On Sound perhaps?) that you can’t do a proper sweep through the frequencies with the CC121 since it either in- or decreases the frequency by 1 hz or “jumps” through the frequencies when you turn the knob fast. Is this true? If it is, can you use the AI wheel insted? Could you just hover the mouse over the frequency knob of the eq on screen and then do a more smooth sweep with the AI wheel?

If you can’t, then I would like to know how if it is possible to do a nice sweep using the CMCQC (I wouldn’t be using the controller for quick controls at all I think, I’m just interested in the eq)? I almost always do a sweep when searching for the right frequency so it’s kind of a deal breaker if the controllers can’t do a smooth sweep through the frequencies.

cmc works fine but you’ll have more luck here Auf Deutsch - Steinberg Forums

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

I could have sworn that was an old bug that that old SOS article was referring to.
I have no issues using the CC121 as my “fat channel” in conjunction with my Tascam DM3200.

This is somewhat true. It’s certainly useable but the feel/response of the knobs could be improved. Sadly there’s no sign of Steinberg making significant developments for the CC121 which is a shame because It’s a good product but with a few tweaks for the software it could easily be a superb product.

I also have a CMC QC and yes, the feel of sweeping the EQ’s is quite a bit nicer but the downside is that you have to hold down a button (shift I think???) in order to change the Q settings and the EQ band bypass settings.

I use the CC121 for EQ control and I have the CMC-QC setup to control the 8 FX send. It’s a nice combination. If I had to pick one or the other it would be the CC121 due to the fader, the additional knobs/buttons and the volume control but it does cost a lot more than the CMC.