CC121 & Euphonix MC Mix on same system?

Just wondering if anyone is using these together on the same system at the same time (I use Nuendo here but I imagine the Cubase experience must be similar) - do they play nicely together?

I do not have this configuration myself, nevertheless I had quite some time to try out exactly this combination and it worked smoothly with no confusions or problems.

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Excellent… can you elaborate at all on what you tried? Does the CC121 mirror an MC fader or can it be ‘locked’ somehow to a master channel, for example? Obviously the EQ section is the EQ section and that has no parallel on the MC Mix but I’m wondering if any of the other buttons might “conflict” …


I’m using both here no problems.The rotaries on the MC Mix are nicer feeling for eq than the CC121 although not as instantly under you fingers.


Sorry for the delay. The CC121 follows the selected channel. The MC can do this but doesn´t have to do this necessarily. Never the less, if you use the follow selected channel mode both units will follow the selection and somehow copy their functions. They do not interfere, but follow each other. No problems ever. Only thing: don´t try to write automation on both faders simultaneously :wink:

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