CC121 Fader - hardwired to volume?

Hi Guys,

I have a Euphonix MC Control which I love for the most part.
But what really gets on my tits is that the faders are all hardwired to volume control.
The MC Mix supports fader flipping, but weirdly the MC Control doesn’t; whether this is something that can be supported from within Nuendo would be nice to know.

Anyhoo, as such I’m looking at a CC121 in addition to my MC Control.
The transport is a bit clearer on the CC121 and the jog/scrub wheel looks more useful.

So, the question is: does the CC121 fader allow control of anything else besides volume control?
If not…why not?

As with the MC Control, I can think of many uses for a fader besides volume:
-modulation control on a midi track
-user selectable plug-in control parameters
-panning (easier with a fader than with a knob)


So, does it?



My experience is : NO
It uses only the volume control.
Sorry, but I would like that myself


although I don’t have CC121 yet, I’m curious about this question, too. What happens if an automation track for a parameter other than the volume is selected in the project window? Isn’t this a way to control and automate an arbitrary selected parameter with the CC121 fader?

Thanks for verifying my idea!



I own a CC121 too, and I am very disapointed: I would like very much, like you, to be able to control different CC with the fader (like the tempo fader in the tempo track)… No luck :frowning:

I guess it is a feature request :slight_smile:

I just picked up a used one literally yesterday.
Could you not use the AI button for this function?


I have found out that the CC121 fader actually sends pitchbend messages. The effective resolution of this fader is 1024 values which is quite fine. Therefore, the workaround for using the CC121 controller to control other parameters than the volume is to use another application (Plogue Bidule, for instance), a virtual MIDI cable, and Generic Remote within Cubase. In Bidule you can transform the incoming pitchbend messages to any CC event you wish, then you send them via the virtual MIDI cable into Cubase, and there you can use the Generic Remote setting to control an arbitrary Cubase parameter.

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Yes, you can use AI Knob for this.

The problem here is, you would need to remove CC121 from Cubase. Otherwise you would always control the Volume by moving the fader. Cubase assign CC121 automatically during every single start. So you would need to remove it anytime you start Cubase again and again.