Cc121 flashes all its buttons

I had not used it for a couple of months.
Now I connected it again and it flashes all its buttons and does not respond.

It is powered by its own supply, connected via a powered usb hub, which also powers my nektar Lx49 kbd, the dongle, my RME babyface externally powered and a stick with projects.


Could you try to plug it directly to the computer (just for the test), please?

Make sure, you have the latest driver installed, please.

It works fine there but…
I need to have them all on a hub so I can switch between two computers by just connecting the usb to each one


Then the problem is not in the device, but rather in the USB hub. Maybe try a passive one.

Having in mind that the cc121 is power hungry this would not be a solution.
I plugged another powered usb hub to the first usb hub and connected the cc121 there alone.
So far it seems to be working in this manner


CC121 is powered by its own dedicated power supply, not from the USB.


it has always been so, and it was on a powered usb, however it seems it was not enough.
I believe it is an old design, that’s why