CC121 is not working Cubase 10.050 update

Only fader is working, none of them works. Play, Stop, Mute, Solo, EQ etc… Nothings responding just Fader.

And also I cannot see anything under menuin Studio->More Options->Steinberg CC121 Just Blank Menus

I’ve triend to un/reinstall cc121 driver but it didnt solve the problem

works fine here on windows - you haven’t given us any information on your system so it’s going to be difficult to help

Sorry, Windows 10 / 64

It was working great before this update. Now only fader is working :frowning: And I’ve tried to un/reinstall cc121 driver

is the ‘cubase ready’ light on ?

Yes it is on.

i would take a look at the Yamaha Driver, try to remove that and install again. The driver is located on a separate dir in the installer directory.