CC121 Not available in Canada

I went to buy one about a month ago. I was hesitant because of the price difference. I found out that the distributor (Yamaha Canada) doesn’t offer it here any longer. :confused:

It seems unobtainable at all.

I just bought one from the only place I could find one…Thomann UK…Welcome – Thomann UK
The price was actually quite competitive but you will pay a bit more with the duty. Shipping only took 3 days! Faster than the US.
The only drawback is they ship with the European power supply, so you need to get the PA-3C. Found one on Amazon.com

This sucks, Yamaha/Steinberg, please make the CC121 available to Canadian music stores.

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I guess they work on a new version which will be released in 2 months.

No because 1 year ago it was also not available.

Steinberg can’t be arsed.

Anyway, if they don’t sell it anymore, they should provide an explanation.
We bought the program, we need the controller we deserve a solution.


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I saw that the CC121 had disappeared from Thomann, and I asked if it had been discontinued. I got the following answer a couple of days ago:

Yes, according to our latest information the CC121 has been discontinued and won’t be available in the future.

Greg Ondo just confirmed this - at 18:51 in this video - How to Control the Pitch of a Voice Using a Knob | Club Cubase January 21st 2022 - YouTube


So … Will I still be able to use my CC121 in 2022 with Cubase 12 ?

Certainly, I can’t see why not. The CMC devices are working fine many years after the manufacture of them had been discontinued.

Happy to hear that. Thanks.

So, and what’s the best midi controller for Cubase at this moment?

Cubase supports the HUI protocol, the Mackie MCU PRO, the Presonus Faderport or Behringer X Touch should work well. Of course, Softube’s Console 1/Fader also work.

I guess Dom Sigalas has a video about Softube integration in Cubase and Chris Selim uses the Faderport 16.

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The lack of a proper Steinberg-supported fully integrated controller seems like as good a reason to move to a new DAW as any other.

Yamaha/Steinberg are phoning this in.

Is this not a concern for Steinburg?