CC121 on Dual Monitor Setup

I just picked up a CC121 in very good condition. I was messing around with it and I am having a problem. In one screen I have the project window, in the other the mix window. The CC121 will control whatever track is selected in the mix window but I can not change tracks with the channel select keys. Those keys DO make the various tracks highlight in the mix window but the function keys only affect the track highlighted in the mix window. Anyone had this problem and know a solution?

What is exactly the problem?

Even though the tracks are highlighted, the cc121 still only affects the previously highlighted track.

Guys - I got it figured out. In case, there’s a selection under Preferences - Editing - Project & MixConsole - Sync Selection in Project Window and Mix Console. I checked that selection and they each follow each other. Just wanted to share in case this comes up for another user. Thanks for your help.

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