CC121 with Cubase 9.5/10 on Win 10


Is the CC121 compatible with Cubase 9.5/10 on Windows 10?

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working here

Thanks for letting me know.

Yes, I’m using it with Win10 and Cubase 10 just fine.

Is CC121 still best option for having a motorized fader and an parameter controller (AI knob I think it’s called??)

Been using a faderport classic for like 10 years but it’s starting to die, and have always wanted a physical parameter controller to turn an EQ knob with a physical control as an example.

Besides the AI knob, which is great by the way, you also get the 12 rotary knobs for EQ. Fourzones with 3 knobs each for frequency, Q, and gain. They also double quite easily for the Quick Control functions.

IMO it’s pretty good - if only steinberg would give it a little more love (see the feature requests on this forum) then it would be even better.

whenever you buy steinberg hardware you should also assume they won’t really support it apart from the intital year or so…even though it’s still current you only need to look at the age of the latest driver and the lack of response from anyone official here to realise that it’s basically a dead product.

Yes, they could really learn some lessons from their fellow Germans at RME in this regard. Just had another update for my Fireface 800 even though it was released 15 years ago! That’s pretty impressive and sets a high bar for support and customer appreciation. They made me glad I spent my money with them.

True that, well said. I wont be buying anymore hardware from Steinberg here. CC121 and my MR816X support has been terrible and still is terrible

Ok that is true. The support is Terrible. And when you open the box you find documents that are outdated. But the CC121 works fine on Cubase 9 or 10. So with that in mind it is still very usefull.

Not working at all since the recent Windows10 64bit update.

Problem solved. After several times trying to reinstall the tools I did a separate install of the extension and that worked.

Good. Glad to hear you got it worked out.

I have a Genos Workstation and that is the now .
The Yamaha driver is the same for the Genos as The CC121 controller. The controller works 100% in Cubase 10 and Win 10
There is no need for another driver yet until the new Yamaha keyboards needs them.
As long as Yamaha drivers get released the CC121 should work .

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