CC121's "AI KNOB function" without CC121 ?

Hi guys,
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I’m very interested by CC121’s “AI KNOB” function which makes it possible to control with hardware any VST fader by simple mouse fly over without any other tweaking then a click to maintain or not assignation.

Do you know a way to make the exact same mouse-over instant assignation available for other MIDI controller then the CC121, namely a BCF 2000 ?


Interesting thought, but I believe its rather proprietary, from what I’ve seen and read, only supported VSTs actually respond to that method… not ALL vst!

Thanks for that precision.

Rotating with mouse pointer all day long tiny virtual buttons, some vertically, other with a circular motion, sometime reversed, is annoying. I dream about :

  • a way to assign that AI KNOB behaviour to any hardware at will
  • if not possible, a new steinberg hardware device : Inexpensive, rock-solid, maybe with an integrated wrist cushion, made of only one badass jogwheel + the hold/release instant assignation button(s).

you can do the same thing that the AI knob (& even more) with the Griffin Powermate (around 45€)

Sadly, general feedback is that the Powermate has no compatible Win7 (x86 & 64) drivers.

use it with no problem on win7 x64

thanks for the info Home Studio 87 :slight_smile: I just bought a CMC AI today. I’ll try the Powermate if I break it.

the only restriction for powermate is “mousewheel compatible” & it seems that AI does’nt work with some plugins even if they are “mousewheel compatible”