CC64 sustain received and recorded but not transmitted

I am using Cubase Pro 11 on a Mac with a Novation SL mkIII controller with a sustain pedal connected to it.
I use both VSTs and hardware synths (in that case connected via a MOTU Midi Express XT)

If I hook up the Novation master keyboard directly to a synth via a midi DIN cable, sustain works fine (ie if I strike a chord, hold it, press the pedal, release the notes while keeping the pedal pressed, the chord goes on until I release the pedal)

Also, if I go through the Mac and assign the Novation as input to a MIDI track, I see the CC64 being recorded: 127 when the pedal is pressed, 0 when it is released.

But, in that case, whether for VSTs or for an external synth (in my case an Oberheim Matrix 1000), nothing happens when I use the sustain pedal: notes are not held/ sustained at all.
And if I play back the recorded midi, despite the CC64 showing a correct signal, no sustain occurs.

I tried to check Midi Filter but do not see any mention of CC64. Looked at a couple other places but did not find anything strange.

I must be missing something… What could it be?
Thank you!


Could you please attach a screen of the MIDI Filter Preferences?

Do you use any Remote (Mackie or other) device?