CC7 automation lane problem

Hi everyone,
I have a strange problem. When I change notes in Write mode, I then get a line of dots in the CC7 automation lane for that instrument and after those dots, the volume slider for that instrument ( BBCSO and EWC) goes right down and the instrument becomes barely audible. If the dots are removed, the slider goes back to its original position.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

what do you mean by changing notes in write mode? What sort of changes are you making? From the description, it almost sounds as if you’re drawing in a dim. hairpin and that CC7 – which is normally master volume, is mapped as your main dynamic controller. By far the easiest would be to see a project extract where we can see what’s happening as at the moment, we don’t have enough info.

Are you doing any recording in real-time, Peter? Do you have any rotary or wheel controls on your MIDI keyboard? Is it possible you’re inadvertently recording CC7 changes?

Thanks for getting back to me Daniel. I am not recording or using a keyboard either. In the automation lanes I have the CC7 on top, then a velocity lane with the vertical note bars, and then CC11 on the bottom. I can do curves here for varying the playback volume. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance,

Hi there. Thanks for getting back to me. I am just changing the pitch or duration of notes or recomposing if I am not happy with what I have previously done.I am not using hairpins or any words to signify dynamics changes, nor a midi keyboard either. In the automation lane I have the CC7 lane on top, the Velocity lane with the vertical note bars in the middle and the CC11 lane underneath. Making pitch or duration changes in Write mode leaves a horizontal line of dots in the CC7 lane. These dots cause the volume slider in BBCSO to decrease and playback of that instrument is much softer. Removing the dots in Cc 7 restores the original volume levels in the BBCSO slider for that instrument. Hope you can help. Peter.

How are you entering or changing the pitch (or duration) of your notes?

I am usually using the alt + up or down arrow for pitch and hitting the relevant number on the keyboard, eg 5 for quaver, 4 for semiquaver etc for changing the length of notes.

Could you make a little screen recording showing what’s happening, and attach it here (or, more likely, attach a link to a video you have uploaded to e.g. Dropbox or OneDrive)?