CC7 Lane - Note Expression Main volume - Write Automation : Which preferable for Raising Volume?

I have a 6 bar Padshop sound / note
I want to affect the volume and vary it as I please
I seem to be able to do that several ways so far .

Is Any way of the 3- better in sound quality or tweaking ability - than the other ?

I would think Note expression is better for a situation of lots of notes …but I’m
Just thinking one long note - 6 bars ?

All the same ?

I generally prefer Channel audio volume automation because it’s more obvious when looking at the mixer fader of the Instrument Channel moving when the project plays back.

And that can be a handy visual reminder when it’s a large project or one works on it over longer stretches of time.

VST Automation also has higher resolution than midi CC. That doesn’t always make a practical difference, but it never hurts.

Thanks for your reply .
BTW , I noticed , in a previous reply - you were involved with your studio
What city did your studio happen to wind up in :slight_smile: I’m in Seattle .

I Know the CC7 controller lane in the bottom of the window will update the Midi volume levels from 0-127 …just under the keyboard to the left … is this what you mean by resolution ? I also like the visual rep of the volume levels in the inspector when using Automation .

Does A 'Higher VST Automation resolution" - mean it has more than 127 midi values ?

Yes exactly

Yes -it may vary, but I’ve read somewhere that it’s up to 32bit resolution, while midi is 7bit

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