CC7 not possible as automation on instrument tracks?

Just double checking something here.

I use automation tracks for MIDI CC and use the Volume automation track on MIDI tracks all the time (where the Volume automation track is MIDI volume, which corresponds to CC7). However, I see that on instrument tracks the Volume automation track controls the VST audio return channel in the mixer, not MIDI volume. And CC7 is omitted from the list of automation parameters.

Any way to control CC7 using automation on an instrument track?

It would be good if Instrument Tracks had a MIDI Fader option. You can write CC 7 with the Pencil or Line Tools in the Controller Lane. Perhaps you can use a control on a connected control surface to write CC 7 data? In general I prefer Instrument Tracks to Rack, but there are a few things MIDI tracks offer that IT’s do not.

You might consider creating a MIDI Track and then assigning it to the Instrument you want to use. This is kind of like using the instrument as a Rack Instrument but without the Rack and the complications using it introduces.

There are probably some other ways of approaching this. Perhaps someone will offer further suggestions.

Like Stephen said, write some automation with the pencil in the Controller Lane on CC7.
Select the midi part and go to MIDI > Functions > Extract MIDI automation. Now rightclick on the track and click "Show Used Automation (selected tracks). It should appear on an automation lane called MIDIChannel-Volume. But searching for this lane from the folder structure, I cant find it either.

Thanks, Stephen57. Yeah, already use MIDI tracks pointing to multitimbral instances of Kontakt most of the time, but sometimes an instrument track for a single instrument is the better option.

Didn’t know this, thanks! Would be great if we could select it directly though (also as a track quick control).

You may use Quick Controls for almost anything. Look under the long, hard-to-read menus for the assignments. Once assigned, the QC will write whatever MIDI CC or value you assign to it. The assignment is saved with the project. You can also save sets of QCs as Presets, so next time you’re using a certain set-up, you may use the saved QC Preset for it.

Anyway, there’s lots of good ways to skin the cat in Cubase, the Extract Automation function can be very useful. You’ll decide what’s best for the instruments in use, project needs and so on.