CC7 Volume does not work

I tried to taper the volume of a sustained trumpet note (actually two notes played simultaneously) down using CC7 in the Controller Lane (see picture, bottom left corner), but it seems to have no effect. The trumpet VST is from a EastWest library. Any advice?


For this, we use MIDI CC11 Expression. Might be, EastWest just ignores MIDI CC7 (Main Volume). Some EastWest sounds also work with CC1.

Thanks, but don’t think that is the problem. Did a test project with the same instrument, and there the CC7 Controller Lane did its job. There must be something in the particular settings of this project that prevents the CC7 from functioning.

I did have a Volume Group Channel for all the instruments. I deleted it, but the problem persists. :angry:

Update: if I add a new track (same instrument) in this project, CC7 also works. I just can’t make it work for the existing tracks :question: :question: