CD Burn Cancel Hangs WL7

I posted this in the WL8 forum and got no reply as my hope is that it had been fixed. Just wondering if others using WL7 had/have the same issue.

I have one REALLY annoying thing about WL7 Win/64…

-Very- occasionally, the CD burner hangs at the ‘Finalizing’ step.

But that’s not my problem. :smiley:

My problem is that, at any point during CD burning, if you press the ‘Cancel’ button, whether the burner is hanging, or just because I changed my mind, the Cancel process itself hangs… OR take like 5 minutes (no exaggeration). I have to use TaskMgr to kill WL. Worse yet, if I have Cubase going at the same time, it usually kills the Cubase audio engine—which requires a Cubase re-start.

Anyone else have this issue? Has it been improved upon in WL8? Right now this is about the only reason I can see for upgrading.

Please advise. I’m happy to post a ticket with SB but I really don’t have any more details than this. No error msg. Just hangs.


Cancelling a burning operation is certainly the least tested kind of operation, as cancelling will leave the media is an unusable state. Cancelling is an operation that takes place in both the drive firmware and the driver. Cancelling could take minutes until the drive responds again. There could also be an error in your drive firmware.

If you often change your mind, better create DDPs, and when you are sure, burn these DDPs.


Thanks Philippe,

I don’t change my mind -often- but it’s puzzling to me why the Cancel process should take so -long-. I have other burning programs (for DVD creation) that I can cancel without the machine hanging. Is there any info I can send you that might help improve the situation?