Cd burner on mac

i have a mac studio m2 running wavelab
looking to get an external burner for it (that will
work with wavelab) (os13)

  • i was wondering if anyone could suggest one
    thanks for any suggestions !

I have one of these that WL at least recognizes: BDR-XD05 - 6x Slim Portable USB 3.0 BD/DVD/CD Burner. Supports BDXL™ format. Ultra lightweight. USB Bus Powered. CyberLink® software included. | Pioneer Electronics USA

Sadly, I don’t actually have any blank CD-Rs to actually test. I got it almost exclusively to rip CDs.

The amazon prices for it are crazy. There might be a newer version out or something. I’m pretty sure I paid like $60 for it several years ago.

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Apple USB SuperDrive works great here. I mostly use it to burn a CD-R of an approved master for submitting the CD info to Gracenote Database, but have used one of mine to burn at least a few production CD-R masters in previous years without any issues.

I gave up on trying to maintain my Plextor burners is weird/hard to find compatible enclosures.

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Good options on Amazon, eg LG. Do get one with an eject button, eh?


Right now I am burning 80 CDs on my LG BluRay recorder. In the past 4 months I have burned over 200 CDs on that same burner… Still a lot of people want CDs.


I’ve been using an Asus BW-16D1X-U for a couple of years now for both ripping and writing and been quite happy with it. $124 on Amazon right now.

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Hi - i appreciate the reply’s , Thanks !