CD burning and Sample Rate (Feature request)

I’m a long time wavelab user.
we create a lot of cds of recordings of live shows.
The problem is that all our machines work in 48K.
Now when I want to create a CD, it says that the file is in 44.1 and that it can’t write it.
I just want to tell it “Well figure it out!”
Why can’t WL just sample rate convert the file before buning it, or convert when I add the files to a CD.
Why is this MY job? Why does the basic audio cd window accept files that it can’t use?
Just seems like there is a little pice missing here.

Ideal work flow would be something like this:
I add a file with samplerate >44.1 to a baisc audio cd.
Wavelab starts convertion in the background, and the write CD button is disabled.
While it converts, I add markers, etc
Then when converting is done the burn cd button is enabled again.

Anyone else with me on this?

WaveLab is designed to do nothing to any audio without being commanded to do so; I guess there is an argument that adding a file to a CD is tantamount to a command to make it burnable - perhaps with a question to ask permission first.


In next version, you will be able to burn montages directly from any sample rate, and add files of any sample rate to montages of any sample rate.
With WaveLab 7, you need to render your montage to 44.1k and to activate the option “Open as new Audio Montage”. Then you can burn this new montage.


PG, I certainly hope we will keep the present behaviour as standard? I don’t want ANY processing of audio taking place behind my back in a pro mastering software. If I want ‘easy does it’, I’ll go to Nero or such…

You will always have the choice.