CD Burning software - any to avoid?

Hi All -

For putting my final mix-down on CD I’ve been using a Nero product that came with my Carillon computer about 5 years ago. But somehow it decided to “time out” yesterday, and is unavailable to me now.

I was going to go online and look for alternatives, but thought I’d ask here if there are any that you guys would definitely shy away from for one reason or another.

Thanks much!

Unless you want something special, windows 7 built-in cdburning utility works fine for me.

edit: oops, you’re on XP. Mediaplayer works as well then :wink:

If you’re after putting track info on the disc (not sure if you’ll be using ISRCs) then make sure your burner can do CD Text. I use CD Architect for Redbook CDs, easy to use and some great free plugs with it too :sunglasses:

CDBurner XP is free and quite good too.

Software to avoid? Can’t think of any. Not heard any sorry tales either. You should be OK with most burner software.

Thank you, Strophoid and philter!

CDBurner XP looks pretty good to me, especially since it does CD-Text now too. I went and looked up what “red book” was, then looked at your “CD Architect for Redbook CD” program, pretty sweet, but I guess I’ll try the low grade (cheeep!) CDBurnerXP for now. Can’t quite tell if it generates Red Book CDs, but realistically, I can’t tell why that would matter from my point of view.

Thanks again!!

Hi Alexis

CD Architect for me too.

Though most burning I do with internal windows … media player.

I was sad to ‘let Nero go’ … the old version was simple and rock solid. SDad you’s has timed out.

All the best

Thanks, Glyn!!

I’m actually quite puzzled that it just timed out now … I’ve had it and used it for roughly 4 years!!

I think it may be because I connected the music computer to the internet this week to download a program … just goes to prove, the internet is :smiling_imp: !! :laughing:

I used to use Nero and it always worked great for me. Anyway, sorry for the OT comment, but why doesn’t Cubase burn CD’s yet?

This got me wondering, is there any free burning Redbook CD software out there? Looks like no. I did however find a pretty full featured free one that seemed to have good reviews. “ImgBurn”.

If you can skip over the redbook feature, it looks like it has pretty much everything else that is similar to the paid software.