CD / DDP export fails

Exporting of CD / DDP is failing with a “An error has occurred” message.

Mac Pro 14GB RAM, OS X 10.9
Wavelab Version 8.0.1 (build 665) - 64 bit

Replication Steps:

Step 1 From new window with no VST in master section etc, add 16bit 44.1Khz audio WAV’s into Basic Audio CD Tab

Step 2 Convert to Audio Montage

Step 3 Run CD Wizard using default settings

Step 4 Try to Export CD or DDP (both fail)

System tries to export and Error Message Received is: “An Error Has Occurred”.

Anybody else having these issues? Thanks in advance.

Try with the latest version, which is 8.0.3

I downloaded and installed latest version DMG from the downloads page, same thing occurs. Also I had to skip verification of the download checksum in order to open it, just FYI. (I tried repeatedly downloading it but every time the checksum error occurs)


UPDATE: My post above is not entirely accurate. I was able to run the installer for 8.0.3 but the installer failed and reports and error. I had just blindly clicked through without thinking.

Also FYI, the checksum error occurs when the file is downloaded with firefox, but not when downloaded with safari. But both installer downloads fail to install.

I also went through disk utility to verify and repair disk permissions and tried installing 8.0.3 again, but no luck.

Finally got 8.0.3 to install and it seems to be exporting correctly now.

So takeaway points:

  • Download the support updates using safari not firefox if your getting a verification checksum error.

For getting 8.0.3 to install correctly:

  • Ran verify and repair permissions AND had to make sure that “Displays have seperate spaces” is unchecked in System Preferences → Mission Control. Logout & Reboot the machine.