CD/DVD Drive not recognised by N5.5 (32bit) Win7

My system OS Win 7 64bit - Intalled Nuendo 32bit and 64 bit apps + Wavelab 64bit:

For those of you that have a problem with Nuendo 32bit not displaying your CDR/DVD drive in the ‘IMPORT Audio CD’ menu/dialogue, after a lot of searching+trial+error etc… this is the only solution that worked for me:

Download the wnaspi32.dll from Steinberg’s link here

BUT copy this ‘wnaspi32.dll’ file to the root folder of your Nuendo 5.5 installation ie C:Program Files (x86) -> Steinberg -> Nuendo 5.5

(NOT to the Windows/System32 folder - (as Steiny recommend) this just doesn’t work in Win7 64bit OS).

I hope this helps someone out that can’t turn up a google or forum search for a quick fix :sunglasses:

Thanks for posting this.

I just installed 5.5.3 and had my CD import drives disappear. Once before when this happened - I think when originally going to N5 from N3 - I had the same issue and was able to copy the wnaspi32.dll from Nero and that worked as well.

Nope. DIDN’T solve it…

It PARTLY works. Now the import window detects the drive, BUT it still does not detect anything ON the drive (ie, no TRACKS appear)

BTW, this bug is the topic of at least a dozen threads on this forum - Steinberg doesn’t seem to care about fixing the forum’s “search” feature either…