CD from MP3 spoken word

I’m using 9 Elements.

I’m trying to create a CD from a 5 hr conference. It’s multiple mono tracks that were provided to me in MP3 format of low quality. I think they didn’t want to chew up much of their hardrive or something while recording. Anyway, I’ve imported each MP3 file into their chronological order. did some level adjustments. And I’ve placed markers where each track needs to be. I did this in a regular audio project type though, not a montage. Then I saved the project.

I see you need to create an Audio Montage in order to make a CD. But when I try to create an Audio Montage from “Current file” it creates a montage but there is no audio showing in the VIEW tab. No waveform showing up. No markers. No nothing. What am I doing wrong? Also, how come there is no Mono option for a montage?

What do you want to achieve?

FWIW, next time you may want to import the files directly into a montage because the work is essentially non-destructive in the montage and it sounds like you’ll need to use the montage eventually anyway. You can create a mono audio track in the montage but by default, the audio output stream is stereo but you can ignore the stereo really and just use a mono audio track in the montage. It will not convert a mono track to a stereo image unless you apply FX that do this.

If you want to burn audio CDs, you’ll have to keep in mind the 80 minute max time and split your 5 hours of audio up into at least 4 montages to keep the length under 80 minutes for each CD.

If you try New>Audio Montage>From Current FIle>From Current Audio File in new Montage you should be able to tell WaveLab to make a new montage and load the Whole File or just a selected range. If you are having troubles (or if there is a bug preventing mono files from doing this), just simply make a new empty montage, make a mono track in the montage and drag the audio file into it. I just tried with a stereo mp3 and it works OK.

From there, you can add CD track markers, name them, make CD-Text if you want to, and then burn a CD (80 minutes max). You could also make a data CD which can hold more total time for mp3 audio which some CD players can read but I honestly know little about that because I never use it, if I do an optical CD, it’s always audio CD-A and not a data mp3 CD.