CD import shows no device after update to 10.0.6

After updating to latest version (10.0.60) my CD/DVD drive is no longer recognised under the Import CD dialogue - it just shows ‘no device’ in the drop down menu. The only way I can get it back is to uninstall Wavelab, then reboot PC, then install 10.0.40 - this method does not work if I skip the reboot.
After the 10.0.60 update all other apps, including Cubase 11, still see the drive - even the internal Wavelab file browser sees it.
The drive is the ubiquitous and bog std. iHAS124 and I am running W10 pro.
Vague memories of a similar issue with CD drives way, way back in version 6 but imagine unrelated!

Instead of what you did, maybe you could try to download “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe” from this page:

and run it.

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Thanks very much PG1 - have downloaded it but (being seasoned and cautious in my old age) if you have a moment could you let me know the thinking behind your suggestion?

Edit: Just dawned on me what the PG stands for (doh!) so perhaps I’ll just do as you suggest :smiley:

Success - I ran the GEAR exe before applying the 10.0.60 update and all good, my drive still recognised. If you have a moment I would be interested in the principal, but if it would take loads of your time no worries at all. Many thanks for such a prompt response and the successful fix.

Actually, I thought the other way round was needed :slight_smile: