CD Markers Don't Quite Align To 75fps Time Ruler

I guess it’s been like this since at least Wavelab 6, but I only just noticed it. When quantizing with CD Wizard, CD markers further down in a montage don’t quite align with the montage time ruler CD frames. They get a little further off (by samples, so you have to really zoom in) the further you go. It’s the same when importing my DDP’s, and commercial CD’s from elsewhere. And things get a little more different if you engage “show quarter frames” or “show hundreth frames”. Happens on Windows and Mac.

I have noticed this too. Lets hope it’s only graphical and not actual.

I’m sure you’re right. If it was an actual important problem, it would have gotten caught a long long time ago. I’m just seeing 1,2, or 3 samples off, so it just looks a little odd.

This is a pixel computation rounding issue. ie. just a small display issue. Will be fixed sometime. Actually already solved on my computer…

Thanks PG.