CD-R(W)/DVD+-R(W) external drive recommendation

Does anyone have recommendations for CD/DVD burner hardware for mastering?

I’m not looking for the ‘full pro level’ of hardware, but for something above the standard builtin/external liteon/asus/LG/you-name-it crap. the device should be good for burning audio CDs that pass the qualitiy tests of a copy/reproduction facility.

any hint is appreciated.

Plextor Premium I or II and only Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s. Even you are not looking for “full pro level” you would waste your money if buying a crappy burner or bad CD-R’s.


thanks! got Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs already. it really pays to use good CD-Rs!

but the Plextor Premium I/II seem to be archived products, right? can’t get it anywhere new.

Well here in Germany are some online-shops that sell new Premiums II.Just Google.