CD Report - add "Min:Sec" format

The CD REPORT’s Value Formats for Audio Time provides 13 options. None of these options offer the formatting used most in the USA for expressing simple track durations. That formating uses a colon to separate minutes and seconds.

“Min:Sec” = “71:04”

Can this formatting be added, please? And with accurate rounding up/down to the nearest second. Our clients will thank you!


The Audio CD report desperately needs to be updated for other uses besides CDs now.

A simple min/sec/milliseconds option or option of omitting the milliseconds and rounding the second up for 500ms or more would be great.

I also wish you could get rid of the 2 second pregap on the disc duration of the CD report.

A more simple montage report is needed with times that reflect the montage and not a CD is need.

“Min:Sec” = “71:04”
Can this formatting be added, please?

I will add it (actually, I will replace a little used format with this new format).

Wonderful! When shall this replacement be expected?


About the rounding off: I’d also like to have the option to have anything above a whole value to be rouded up to the next second. Not very scientific maybe, but for some players it is standard to do so, and then the rounded down values would be one second off…

Apologies if this has already been reported, but another bug with how WL expresses even-minute time durations.

For example:

A four minute track might get expressed as 3’ 60’’ when it should be 4’ 00’’ (or better yet 4:00)